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Survivor’s Edge Winter 2015 Pg 35 Personal & Home Defense Pg 76

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Make that last PUNCH count!

Thursday, 19 June 2014 by

In case you find yourself in a bad situation…Out numbered…Out of ammo…Out gunned…but not quite out of the fight! Make that last punch count!  

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In the works….

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The possibilities are endless.

Check these magazines (the actual magazine not the websites) out for the latest reviews and promos on Survival Grips and Accessories. In case you have trouble finding the coupon code here is a hint, it starts with “g” and ends with “p”. Prepper and Shooter Magazine Western Shooting Journal        

Dear Sir or Madame, I bought your grip a few weeks ago and after shooting with it attached multiple times I have to  say I agree with the statement \”that there is more control and a feeling of security other grips don\’t offer\” I have  however discovered a startling side effect, while shooting with friends