Product Description:

Survival Grips are new innovative foregrips/forward grips/forend grips with a detachable finger guard/knuckles option. With the flip of a switch, Survival Grips can help enhance your ability to defend yourself by giving you an advantage over your opponent by increasing the power behind your hand to hand combat skills! Survival Grips are made out of aircraft grade 6061 T-6 hardened aluminum with a polycarbonate shell and will attach to any firearm with a Mill-STD-1913 or Picatinny rail system. Survival Grips can help to improve the accuracy, control, safety and security of ones firearm.


Survival Grips help create more stability and control over the front of the firearm with the hand and fingers locked into the grip helping to create improved marksmanship and accuracy.


Survival Grips help to create a more secure bond between the hand, fingers and grip. The firearm becomes like an extension of ones body helping to provide more natural control over the firearm.


Survival Grips help to increase the safety of the firearm. With the hand and fingers locked in the grip the firearm will remain more secure in a natural forward position.


Survival Grips help provide more security over ones firearm. Unlike any other foregrip currently in the market Survival Grips make it almost impossible for one to lose control over their firearm in the event of a struggle or accident.


Grip-Polycarbonate, Finger Guard/Knuckles-Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061 T-6, Total Weight apprx 8oz, Rail Mount – Accommodates Mil-STD-1913 or Picatinny Rail, Grip Design-Patent# US D728, 725 S, #9,228,797 B2, Product weight approximately 8oz.  Product components are made in both the PRC and USA. Product is assembled in USA.


If your not satisfied with our product we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Simply pay to ship the product back to Survival Grips and we will refund your money upon receipt of the product. We also offer a 1 yr manufacturer limited warranty on replacement parts or in the case of defective parts. Since our first production run we have modified the quick release lever to solve any binding issues that you may have after tightening the grip to the rail. We have also included snap on index clips with the grip to help prevent the grip from sliding on the rail. For a free modified lever or index clips to be shipped to you for free please email us at

Product Legality:

Are Survival Grips legal to own in my state? It is YOU the customer that are responsible to know and abide by the laws in your city, county and state. Survival Grips and Accessories, LLC strongly encourages you to know and understand your local laws prior to purchase.  If you made a purchase in error not knowing the laws in your city, county and state we will gladly refund your money. There are however no federal laws that prohibit this product, proof of this is in our patents that were issued from the USPTO or United Sates Patent and Trade Mark Office. For more information regarding our patents go to  and  For information regarding our freedom to sell this product see the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” go to For further questions email

User Manual/Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Attach grip to Picatinny Rail to desired location with finger guard (i.e., Knuckles) facing outward toward front of the firearm. Tighten socket cap screw until grip is snug and doesn’t move. Note: We have discovered some manufacturers are not making the Picatinny rail to Mil-Std-1913 spec. This sloppiness may cause the grip to fit very tight and in some extreme cases not at all. Survival Grips are made to accommodate Mil-Std-1913 spec rails. It may be required in some circumstances to file down the top of the grip or the inside of the grip in order to fit it properly on the rail. The variations in the rail also cause over tightening of the socket cap screw. This may cause the quick release lever to bind up and not function properly or it may require extreme pressure to release the finger guard. Since our first production run we have since developed a modified quick release lever. The new lever will solve this problem and we will gladly mail it to you at no charge simply email us and Contact us if there are any questions or concerns.

Step 2: Adjust the Philips screw on the quick release lever to desired tightness. The tightness will affect how hard it is to unlock the finger guard. Regardless of the lever being in the unlock position or not the finger guard will not fall out. The finger guard was designed to not fall out in the case of the quick release lever not being placed back in the locked position.

Step 3: To release the finger guard simply push the quick release lever forward from the locked position to the unlock position and apply forward pressure to the finger guard and it will roll out. Over time it will become easier as the plastic wears down. To secure finger guard back into grip simply hinge the finger guard on the dowel pin in the bottom of the grip and squeeze finger guard back into place. Once in place flip quick release lever up and finger guard is locked in place.

Additional Locking Option: To permanently secure finger guard in foregrip unscrew Philips screw pull both quick release levers out along with locking mechanism and rotate to the opposite side of the foregrip. Insert Philips screw and tighten and the locking mechanism will no longer function. If your grip was shipped with the locking mechanism already reversed because you live in a restrictive state simply follow this process in reverse.

Any questions or comments please email