“The Survival Grip Side Effect” – by Jon S. USMC RETIRED

by / Saturday, 08 February 2014 / Published in Uncategorized


Dear Sir or Madame, I bought your grip a few weeks ago and after shooting with it attached multiple times I have to  say I agree with the statement \”that there is more control and a feeling of security other grips don\’t offer\” I have  however discovered a startling side effect, while shooting with friends and members at my local gun club. The people around me have been contracting \”gun envy\”, or maybe I should say \”grip envy\” as the focus is no longer on my Vector (which people always stop me and ask to shoot), instead the focus is now on your shiny chrome grip.  In the last couple of weeks I have had at least 100 people stop me and ask where I got the grip before seeing it in action, when I show them how its removable with the flip of a switch they are instantly infected.  While the cases of grip envy are going to clear up as they purchase the antidote I take pride in being the little outbreak monkey that start the trend and feel secure in the fact that each of these new grip owners will spread the disease and experience the same pride and Power I have felt spreading your product. . Sincerely, Jon S.  USMC RETIRED 0352 TOW Gunner